Monday, August 31, 2009


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miss j

Dear CCS Community:

Before the summer began we received another request to participate in a celebration within our community – this time on the stage of Redeemer University (see General News in the bulletin).

Dr. DeVisser is giving a timely (this is the 500th anniversary year of John Calvin) and engaging presentation on Worship at the next Convocation of the Theological College, September 11, 2009.

This will be the Friday evening of our first week back at school, a detail that gave pause for consideration to be sure! Obviously, it would be difficult to have our students in polished performance mode unless we sang songs highly familiar to us and thus, easily resurrected.

Dr. DeVisser and I had a frank discussion about the fact that families with young children do not usually make such a venue a priority but he promises to make this memorable and meaningful to ALL age groups with special attention to our children.

No doubt about it, our presence would add a new dimension to the program!

SO. The long and short of it?

After consultation with staff members, I agreed and am now asking you to consider attending this important function as a family. Our choir will be featured in the latter part of the ceremony and will be singing three numbers:

Lord, I stretch my hands to You

Lord, I lift Your Name on High

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow (byThomas Tallis)

The first week of school is a tough one to navigate as it is.

I do not under-estimate the sacrifices made or inconveniences endured to family time and scheduling as you consider this…

Yet it is also an original FIRST opportunity - this invitation to engage the community at large with our songs. With some thoughtful preparation – (at school we will be talking about what we can expect to see and hear at a Convocation ceremony and what it all means) and a good attitude, the experience can be impressive and enriching.

IN FACT Dr. DeVisser has volunteered to address the students at our opening morning assembly on September 8th to do exactly that! Come and take advantage of this chance to ask your own questions.

Thank you again for the time and attention you give to this request of mine.

It is much appreciated and please do not hesitate to contact me ASAP– I need to know who & how many students will be accompanying me on stage that night!

Joanne Hordyk 905-689-8735