Tuesday, December 3, 2013

100 Huntley Street

The caravan of cars and vans heading into town:

And excited kids running in to the building.

Lining up to get "puffed".  
That was a good euphemism for getting their make-up for the cameras.

But first a cookie and drink!


For everyone. :)

Warming up...

...in front of a proud crowd of mommas and teachers.

Off to line up in the studio.

Everyone was dressed in their finery for the special occasion.

On the camera monitor.

They had to turn the monitor so the kids watched the director and not themselves on screen. :)


Final picture.
Complete with their ring-pop.  Which might have been the best part of their day.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven (A Children's Carol) - Keith & Kristyn ...

If all goes well, thirty bright and beautiful little stars of CCS from grades 1-4 will be going to 100 Huntley Street in two weeks to tape their rendition of this song and the one below.
The performance will be aired around December 16, 2013.
I can hear their sweet strains already and can hardly wait to see them in action under lights and camera!
They never fail to inspire me.  I'd wager it's the same for you.  :)
*happy sigh*
My "job" is not a job.  It's a piece of heaven every day.

Underneath The Shining Star

Monday, February 18, 2013

Miss J has landed safe and sound!

And this is a picture she took flying over Toronto on Family Day, undoubtedly thinking about all the families down there enjoying a day off in the snow.  Perhaps also thinking about the sun and sand she left behind (and a storm too, yes indeed)....
Is this not the coolest picture ever?  Miss J took this panoramic on her phone!
This was the storm that blew in and visited us on the beach 
on Valentine's Day of all things!
Never a dull moment with Miss J around.  :)  

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