Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A concert preview

Come Thou Fount/Come Thou King

Saturday, March 20, 2010

And the Big People Choir Worked hard too!

And now, thanks to the time and talents of our own shutter-bug Miss J, we have visual evidence that our adult community choir...

.... does far more than sit around - drinking - coffee n' such

*sigh* Is this not a beautiful sight?

... as well as 'sound'!

This dedicated member put in an exceptional performance by 'skipping out' only early enough to help his wife have a baby.
How does one trump that sort of commitment?

The famous 'Dr. A' ... a theologian musician like Bach :)

Very studious bunch
whom I greatly admire

Making the Most of March Break

Gotcha Todd!
Luv y'all!
27 choristers for three hours? They were as stellar as the sunshine outdoors!
Wonderful, Warm and yes - Wet bums!

A picnic sort of lunch in the great outdoors on March 17.
Who would have guessed?
They got rhythm a plenty!
Girl power ... Woot!
See what I mean?

The young male choir contingent - these guys did really well

Monday, March 15, 2010

Announcing: March Break CD Rehearsal!

We said that majority would determine whether or not we have a CD choir practice during March Break and as you can see from the poll results - the majority has voted in favour.
Super Yay and Terrific! I am really looking forward to visiting with you here in my kitchen for a hot lunch at 12:00 noon sharp this Wednesday (that's March 17, 2010).
(Menu is something good like gourmet hotdogs AND pepperoni pizza; please come hungry).
We start rehearsing seriously at 1pm and work till 3pm (pickup at 3pm) with a twenty minute breather in between somewhere.
Think you can handle it?
I'm a believer in your abilities - let's put a few songs securely in the heart AND have fun at the same time!
I'd appreciate very much, if every family reading this blog post left a confirmation by way of comment box. This would save us all from having to phone (or worse) ME having to remember who called and who didn't (or even more worse) MY family having to force down leftover hotdogs/pizza for three days after :)
Two more sleeps,
Love from Mrs.Hordyk
p.s. I brought all the extra rhythm instruments home and would like Josh to come and drum for us if he's willing and able.