Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today was a special choir class for Grades 1 - 6 as we enjoyed a chimes class.
I could hear chimes ringing through the school all day :)
And watching the class just affirmed to me how I could not have ever taught a class like this. If you watched that video above you know what I'm talking about. How does one know when which chime is supposed to play when?? Music smarts eh?

Grade Three and Four:

Grade One and Two

Grade Five and Six

Chime classes (with extra rhythm instruments) are organized only infrequently because of the amount of time the set-up takes from choir. It can also tend toward chaos & cacophony - luv that word! BUT - with no formal Christmas program to prepare for, it was as good a time as any to experiment with the students and see how well they could 'handle' it. As per usual, they totally wowed me with their abilities and concentration and I'm thinking that should be rewarded with a few more sessions in the near future. I had a great time with them all!

Cullen is THE tree chimer extraordinaire to watch for in the future ... right on cue every time and watching me like a hawk. A director's dream boy :)

*sigh* ... aren't they just the - the delightfullest things?!?