Friday, December 2, 2011

Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven

This song will be premiered by the angelic voices of 29 CCS students 
in the upcoming Community Concerts, 
Carols & Classics.
Gonna be real good (pardon the grammar).

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Major Rehearsal # 1

Coming at you - very quickly.
Hearts are swelling.
Knees are knocking.
Many prayers, hopefully ascending.
This Thursday we convene at Rehoboth Church building on Hwy #5.  
From 7:30 - 9:30pm 
(students can leave at 9pm if they wish).  
There will be some breaks for everyone and
a vast table of refreshments to visit.
Come with a mind to celebrate this event because that is what this will be, 
a great event!   

The CCS student choir must wear white tops and black bottoms.  
Do I need to repeat this? 
Of course not.  
The adult choir must wear all black.  
The orchestra must wear all black.
They will come in with crazy BIG instrument cases.
Everyone will find a place somewhere - 
 - we don't know where yet, but we'll find it somehow.

The staging will not be in place yet - count on a bit of chaos.   :)   
A surety:  If I count on it, I can handle it.  
It's the surprise chaos that undoes me.  
Remind me to distribute posters and postcard invites where needed.
A reporter from The Flamborough Review will be there 
getting an inside look at us for a feature article.
Behave.   (okay, just do your best then)
Make sure you are all getting your rest.  
Know that you are loved and greatly admired for the investment of 
your time, energy & gifts to this outreach project.  
Remember Soli Deo Gloria.

Oh, and Miss J single-handedly created these posters and postcards.  
In about 60 minutes or less.  
Practically blind-folded with hands tied behind her back.     
An extraordinary touch of class for our Carols & Classics.  
Thank you Lilly, for everything!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Carols & Classics December 15-17, 2011

Hi all:
I've kept you waiting far too long in posting this.  My sincere apologies.  I just found this video on You Tube (see below).  It happens to be Andrew Peterson in the flesh singing the song he wrote:
Behold the Lamb of God.
It's a Christmas song that sounds very much like an Easter song and thereby fits beautifully with the vision of our upcoming Carols & Classics Concert for the Community.
30 sweet voices from CCS grades 5-8 will be joined by 50 adult voices and an incredible orchestra to present the Great Story of Salvation in Song at Rehoboth Church on the evenings of December 15, 16, and 17th, 2011 from 7:30 - 9:30 pm.  It is a one hour program filled from start to finish with beautiful carols and excerpts of Handel's Messiah.  All proceeds to benefit the Flamborough Food Bank.
Admission to be determined (possibly a $5.00 head charge or perhaps even a donation of a non-perishable food item).
Carols & Classics is an outreach project adopted by the Home Mission committees of both congregations of Rehoboth church.  It is to be advertised heavily in newsprint, bulletin/posters/signage in area business and area churches... no doubt you will soon be hearing far more about this.  You will be encouraged to engage yourselves in this unique outreach program - consider sharing the gospel in song with a personal invitation to neighbour or co-worker and support the great needs of the local Food Bank at the same time.   Small cardstock invitations will be available for distribution.
The CCS students will launch each program with this song (the one in the video);  they are to sing unison along with most of the other songs and will be featured alone in O Little Town of Bethlehem.
Thirty students signed up last week.  We've since met and talked about the 'cost' to them:

  • the occasional noon hour rehearsal on choir days
  • ONE after school or Saturday rehearsal here at my home
  • a dress rehearsal (or maybe even two) at the church with the adult choir and orchestra                  (this will most likely fall on Monday evening of the performance week)
  • three evening performances in a row on the afore-mentioned dates
  • the necessity of wearing black & white
  • the necessity of parental permission and support
I have asked them to consult this blogpost with you and to confirm your consent by leaving your child's first name in the comment box with a smiley face - or something like that!  :)
This may be considered a pioneer project - we generally don't invite the public to our programs.
 "Yet in this dark world shineth - the everlasting Light!" the privilege to share this evangel is both necessary and urgent.  I trust it will be a rich experience for all involved.  Perhaps with the Lord's blessing, it will be the first of much more to come.

Friday, April 15, 2011

CCS & The Gettys?

Whaddaya think guys? The fellow in charge of concert tours (Joni with the delightful Irish accent and would you believe it? --- slightly leprechaun looks too!) lives locally in St.Catharines and thinks a Southern Ontario tour for the Keith & Kristyn Getty Band is very plausible.
hmmm.... this has me mind a twirlin'....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sara Groves

For those looking for something new in the CD/Ipod player, allow me to recommend my latest object of respectful adoration....
I also love her perspective (interview below) and can hear that coming through loud & clear in her musical style and lyricism.  Enjoy!