Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Major Rehearsal # 1

Coming at you - very quickly.
Hearts are swelling.
Knees are knocking.
Many prayers, hopefully ascending.
This Thursday we convene at Rehoboth Church building on Hwy #5.  
From 7:30 - 9:30pm 
(students can leave at 9pm if they wish).  
There will be some breaks for everyone and
a vast table of refreshments to visit.
Come with a mind to celebrate this event because that is what this will be, 
a great event!   

The CCS student choir must wear white tops and black bottoms.  
Do I need to repeat this? 
Of course not.  
The adult choir must wear all black.  
The orchestra must wear all black.
They will come in with crazy BIG instrument cases.
Everyone will find a place somewhere - 
 - we don't know where yet, but we'll find it somehow.

The staging will not be in place yet - count on a bit of chaos.   :)   
A surety:  If I count on it, I can handle it.  
It's the surprise chaos that undoes me.  
Remind me to distribute posters and postcard invites where needed.
A reporter from The Flamborough Review will be there 
getting an inside look at us for a feature article.
Behave.   (okay, just do your best then)
Make sure you are all getting your rest.  
Know that you are loved and greatly admired for the investment of 
your time, energy & gifts to this outreach project.  
Remember Soli Deo Gloria.

Oh, and Miss J single-handedly created these posters and postcards.  
In about 60 minutes or less.  
Practically blind-folded with hands tied behind her back.     
An extraordinary touch of class for our Carols & Classics.  
Thank you Lilly, for everything!

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