Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Afterschool Rehearsals Resume!

Dear families:
This Thursday, February 25th is our next after school rehearsal for the CD choir. Pick-up is at 4:30pm.
This note was sent by e-mail with a choir member list attached to assist you with car-pooling.

I have gone through the painful process of paring down this list (Ouch! truly) and trust that we will proceed now with the level of commitment and support necessary to bring about a beautiful CD product.
The rehearsals are manageable with the assistance of Miss Jelsma - Mrs. Vandersluis - Miss vanpopta but I would very much appreciate if you could reiterate at home, the importance of being serious and single-minded about 'working' through the repertoire. This includes constant encouragement of playing the listening CD and actually listening to it. This Thursday, each chorister will receive their personal songbook with lyrics and they will be instructed to memorize words on their own.
With parental mentoring in the home, the progress in the classroom atmosphere and attitude will be significant. I know this from experience with our first CD The Music Within.
Your support is vital and makes all the difference in the world to me!

From here on, I would refer you and your children to this choirblog for updates and news.
Let's get into the habit of checking it regularly to keep in touch. As administrators of the blog Miss Jelsma and myself pledge to make this a valuable & exciting point of connection and interest and encourage you to use it communally for that purpose.

The new CD will include a keepsake booklet filled with pictures and behind the scenes progress - designed by Josh Sieders of Semantic Design and we are still toying with the idea of making it a DVD/CD product while we're at it. Still researching the cost factor.
Your comments/suggestions are kindly solicited and always welcomed!

Finally - we request that your prayers for the Lord's blessing over this community project, be constant.
It's very ambitious and at times, even fearsome to me. And here's a candid confession:
I love music. I love the sound of kid's singing voices even more. I love these opportunities for 'blossoming' musically but every concert brings me through moments of terrifying euphoria.
So. I beseech your prayer support more than anything else.
Thank you for so much already,
Joanne Hordyk

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  1. I just got the "Great Hymns of Faith" today and I have already listened and sang along with it three times. So many of the songs brought tears to my eyes! Thanks Joanne and all those involved with producing this beautiful work of art. You and so many others are a blessing to our Covenant School - we do not take you for granted!