Friday, April 30, 2010

Great Hymns of Faith and Other Favourites

YAY! We did it! We put down TWENTY songs for our new CD and what an experience it has been! Such focus. Such incredible stick-to-it-tive-ness. Such EVERYthing!
I am so pleased and...a bit foggy too. :)
Yesterday, the concert participants rec'd their very own colour copy of the concert program.
(Thankyou Miss J for the most perfect classy program ever!)
Now I'd like the members of the CCS choir to report their favourite song and tell us what makes it their favourite song.
It's easy.
You click on comments and a box pops up.
You put the cursor in the box and type out your comment.
You pick an identity - choose anonymous and click on the comment button.
Voila! It appears like magic on the beautiful black backdrop.
Someday, we'll turn it all into a hardcover book.
Then you will have your own CD recording and published book!
You will be famous and travel the world and Oh, the places you will go!


  1. Charlotte-
    Well, I have two favourite songs, really. My first favourite is How deep the Father's love for us. The reason may seem obvious but it is because I did it as a solo, and I love the melody too! My other favourite is The Lord bless you and keep you. I first find it such a comfort that God is indeed always with us, and secondly, that He is always in control. Plus I LOVE the melody of this one too!

  2. My favorite song Amazing Grace was a favorite of my parents. We sang it at both their funerals. A song of comfort and joy.

  3. I have 3 favourite songs. I like 'God of Grace' because the ending sounds really good, and matches the title: God of GRACE.(it is gentle and graceful.)
    I also like 'My Saviour' because it uses lots of metaphors, which God also uses in the Bible to help his people understand things. This song is similar to that because it helps God's people to understand that he comforts us.
    'Wonderful Merciful Saviour' is my other favourite because I love the tune. My favourite line is: 'Who would have thought that a lamb could rescue the souls of men.'

  4. I have two favourite songs: As the Deer/Classic Praise and What the Lord has done in me.
    I like As the Deer because it reminds us that we should long for God.
    I like What the Lord Has done in me because it shows what he has done in us and other people/believers.

  5. My favourite song is 'Wonderful Merciful Saviour'. I like it because it shows the characteristics of God. I also like the tune.

  6. My favourite songs are "You Raise Me Up" and "God of Grace/Amazing Grace". I like You Raise Me Up because it reminds us that God is always with us and even though we always have troubles in this life, He will always be near us and comfort us. I like God of Grace/ Amazing Grace because it tells us the characteristics of God and what he has done for us. I also like the ending and I like the tunes of both of those songs.

  7. Dear anonymous peeps:
    If you don't record your first name in the comment box (like Charlotte and Jolanda did) I won't be able to identify you for the book either. Maybe you prefer it that way but if not - start including your first name when you leave a comment.
    Miss J or I can 'adjust' and/or edit your comments to still include your names. Just ask. :)

  8. I loved "Wonderful, Merciful Saviour. The tune and singing was amazing but the word "hungry" stood out for me. We are to hunger for Him. And we do. And only He can fill us up. The way it was sung made me feel that hunger in my soul. Denise

  9. I like As The Deer because of the tune and the beautiful words.I also like You Raise Me Up because it tells how God takes care of us.And I like what the Lord has done in me because it also shows Gods care for us.And the last one I like is Wonderful Merciful Savior because the to singers sang it amazingly. Natalie B.

  10. I like the Resurrection Hymn because it tells the story of Christ arising from the dead. It does it in a beautiful way and it has an awesome melody!

  11. This is a tough one since every single one of these songs is beautiful, but I'm going with It is Well With My Soul. After hearing the history of how this song came to be, it really touches your soul! My favourite song to actually sing is Immortal, Invisible...we can fade away and perish, but God never changes. As you sing the song, you can just feel the Spirit within you! Kim

  12. I ♥ Jesus Put This Song Into My Heart and In That Day Ill Sing Praises because i got to play the crash symbols, I also ♥ Wonderful Merciful Saviour because how it sounds when we sing it, and I also ♥ What The Lord Has Done in Me because of the beautiful lyrics, These are just a few of my favourites, i ♥ the rest of the songs too! :)

  13. -Jessica
    I loved all of the songs really and the whole experience was very fun. But if I have to pick, then I would have to choose What the Lord Has Done in Me because it is comforting to know that God is always with us and the fact that he can work in our lives. I also love the orchestra in this song. My other favourite is Holy, Holy, Holy because, you're right Mrs. Hordyk! It does sound like something that we'll be singing in heaven! Especially with the horns. When you are in the middle of everything and singing this song, it just makes you want to sing as much as you can. I love how it builds until the very end when it is so amazing that I get goosebumps all over me because I love it so much!

  14. i really enjoyed all of the songs but i have to admit, holy,holy,holy was my toppermost fav. Mrs. Hordyk, you are SOOOOO right about this song. Overall, i really enjoyed the CD and can't WAIT to see the results. oh, and YAY for miss J too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!