Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Class One; Grade One & Two

A new crop of choristers!
Grade One entered choir class today for the first time. They were awfully excited when I said that yes indeed, they were having choir today. Grade Two are old pros of course, but they sure felt like big kids when they took possession of the top row on the risers.
Every choir class begins with a warm up, to limber up the body and voices. I must say I had a lot of fun watching them! Here's a couple of videos of Grade One and Two prepping for choir class:

Classes this week focused on the three songs we'll be singing on Friday at the Theological College Convocation. This is the 1 & 2 class singing Lord I Lift Your Name on High and their sheer enthusiasm alone ought to be a good reason to come join us for the evening!
[Yes, heavy focus on the little ones, but it's their teacher who takes most of the pictures and videos :) ]

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  1. How CUTE!!!!And what enthusiasm in the chorus!!